Diadora Vortex Pro Shoes Men’s for Men

Diadora Vortex Pro Shoes Men’s for Men

With quality materials, the Diadora Vortex Pro Shoes will take you from the gym to hanging out with friends. Gear up for your next workout in the Diadora Vortex Pro Shoes. If you spend as much time racing as training, you want the lightest, stiffest bike and components as possible.

Diadora Vortex Pro Shoes Men's for Men

Closure: Boa. But, did it ever occur to you that if you’re wearing the wrong shoes you’re losing valuable power? The Diadora Vortex Pro is not the lightest shoe on the market, but it does feature an ultra-stiff sole for optimal power transfer.To begin with, the Vortex Pro is constructed using the Pro Road outsole.

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